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Khatam Quran Dua by IMAM Masjid Nabvi on 23 Augin Fanling Mosque(Dua by Chief Imam Mufti Arshad Sahib)
Dear Brothers, Assalam-alay-kum, Good News.........Inshallah DUA for Khatam-Quran at Fanling Mosque will be performed by IMAM Masjid Nabvi on 23 Aug 2011 at around 10 PM (after travee prayers).  MUFTI Arshad Sahib & other guests from Kowloon Mosque are also coming for this DUA. I have arrange the carpark beside the mosque for those driving and  our brother DANNY (Zulfikar Hussain) has kindly arranged food / drinks for all attending. Other arrangements made by Javed and other fanling brothers.  May I request your support to spare some time to come for this special moment & DUA for all fanliners (specially DUA magh-farat for those who have left  us. SEE YOU ALL ON 23RD AUG 2011. Pass around the message to others  please. Sender : Munir (remember me in your DUA).  on behalf of Munir Khan
8/20/2011 4:07:26 PM 
khatam quran DUA by IMAM Masjid Nabvi on 23 Aug in fanling mosque (Dua by IMAM
8/20/2011 1:09:50 AM 

Karachiites has made a world record for the most number of people singing a National Anthem simultaneously as they gathered here on late Saturday. 5,885 people gathered at a Defence Stadium and beat the previous record of 5,248, achieved by Philippines on 1 Sep 2009. Boys, Girls and children started gathering at Defence Stadium on August 13. The clock struck 12, everyone started singing the national anthem "Pak sar zameen" to mark Pakistan's 65th independence day and make a new world record.

8/15/2011 5:36:21 PM 
Azadi Mubarik!!! Happy Independence Day!!!
On the occasion of the 64th Independence Day of Pakistan, I wish peace and happiness to all fellow country citizens. I congratulate all Pakistanis and I feel proud to share the glory of Pakistan with every citizen of Pakistan. JASH NE AZADI !!! PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!!! 
8/15/2011 5:27:18 PM 
Ramzan ul Kareem Mubarak
Ramzan Ul Kareem Mubarak. Allah Ta'ala hum sb ko is mah k puray rozay rakhnay ki taqat atta furmaye aur humain is mah main zyada se zyada swaab kamanay ki toufiq atta furmaye. Ameen
8/1/2011 3:34:03 PM 
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